City of Toronto Delays Permanent Repair on Road and Instead, Opts for Temporary Repair


Traffic is forced to divert around pylons and plywood atop a sink hole that has appeared for the second time in two years in the middle of Donlands Ave., south of Mortimer Ave. Jack Lakey/Toronto Star

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Nobody wants to fall into a depression, especially in the middle of a busy street.

But when the depression shows up in the centre median and is topped by pylons that can be an unexpected obstacle in darkness, it’s a bummer for drivers.

For several weeks, two orange-and-black traffic barrels have stood a wobbly sentry on the yellow line separating the north and southbound lanes of Donlands Ave., just south of Mortimer Ave.

They serve a good purpose, but it is not evident to drivers who sometimes don’t see the big pylons until they are right on top of them and have to veer around.

Elizabeth Westcott sent a note saying there’s a hole in the pavement beneath the pylons, which first appeared two years ago and was temporarily patched, but returned last summer. If you look at Google Maps, in which Donlands was videotaped by Google in April, 2009, you can see the temporary patch of ashphalt placed in the same place, in front of 202 Donlands Ave.

“With all the rain we’ve had and the approaching cold weather, this hole will only get larger,” said Westcott. “It is time for a permanent fix.”

Construction and Pylons sitting on the roads for days, weeks or months is not unusual

We went there and found the pylons on top of a thick piece of plywood that once served as a construction road sign, which shows that city roads workers are creative recyclers.

The plywood covers a depression in the pavement that was likely caused by a washout beneath the road, which often indicates a leaky watermain in the area.

We’d usually move the pylons and the wood to take a peek, but there is so much traffic on Donlands that fooling around in the middle of the street seemed like a bad idea.

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