City of Toronto Considering Installing “Rumble Strips”


The City of Toronto is planning on developing a bike path on both the north and south sides of Lawrence Avenue East from Victoria Park Avenue, east to Rouge Hills Drive on the Pickering border. This road construction, to install the these extensive bike paths, would commence in 2009 and would continue through to 2010, until the construction is completed.

In order to safely segregate motor vehicles from bicycles, that will use the newly designed bike path, the City of Toronto has decided to look at various safety options, including “noise strips” or “rumble strips”. Rumble strips are created when grooves are cut into the pavement and create a staccato noise when motor vehicles drive on that stretch of road. These “rumble strips” have traditionally been utilized on major highways and expressways and remind a driver, when they drive on these rumble strips that they are driving on the shoulder of the highway or expressway. This normally wakes up motorists who begin to fall asleep and begin to veer off the highway.

City Councillor Adrian Heaps, Chairperson of the Toronto Cycling Committee stated “We’re looking at some kind of demarcation that is safe for cars and safe for bikes”.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful “2009” New Year. Drive safely.

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