Canada: Gouging Patients Forced to Attend Hospitals is UnCanadian

Update: see previous posts – December 29,2012 Oshawa City Council Passes Motion for Province of Ontario to Set Cap on Hospital Parking at $8 a Day, October 13, 2012 Cancer Patient Sick of Paying for Parking at the Hospital Where He Receives Treatment, May 10, 2012 Parking Meters: Toronto Hospitals Upgrade Meters to Accept New Lighter Toonies & Loonies, May 7, 2012 Couple Made Unsuccessful Attempts at Placing New Lighter Toonie/Loonies Into Hospital Parking Meter and Receive $49 Ticket For Their Effort, December 1, 2011 Canadian Medical Association Journal Losing Patience With Hospital Paid Parking

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Parking at Sick Kids hospital.  Sick Kids have eliminated the reduced parent parking rate, have put up a new and improved sign, which has removed the "STAFF" rate.  Last year the hospital made $5 million dollars and have no plans on reducing the parking rate for parents of Sick Kids.  If the hospital refused to provide Board members $millions of dollars in bonuses, they could provide the parking for free.
Parking at Sick Kids hospital. Sick Kids have eliminated the reduced parent parking rate, have put up a new and improved sign, which has removed the “STAFF” rate. Last year the hospital made $5 million dollars and have no plans on reducing the parking rate for parents of Sick Kids. If the hospital refused to provide Board members $millions of dollars in bonuses (ie. – President & CEO Mary Haddad, $712,000 + $28,043.93 in taxable benefits in 2012), they could provide the parking for free.  They only want CASH from parkers.

Rising hospital parking rates amount to a tax on ailing Canadians, says one medical specialist.

A CBC Marketplace report found many Canadians are missing hospital appointments and experiencing added stress due to the costs of parking at their local health centre.

“Parking fees are a penalty for having a disease,” says cancer specialist Dr. Bob Winston. “It seems like an unfair tax on my patients.”

Pricey Hospital Parking

A sampling of Canada’s high hospital parking costs (daily maximum rates):

  • Toronto General Hospital: $28
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton: $15-$32
  • Vancouver General Hospital: $19.75
  • Markham-Stouffville Hospital, Markham, Ont: $17
  • Saskatoon City Hospital: $15
  • QEII Health Sciences Centre, Halifax: $14

That “tax” affects patients in many negative ways, he says. Some patients tell him they can’t afford to come to appointments and the overall cost, plus the pressure to keep feeding the meter, adds a level of stress that can interfere with their treatments and recovery.

The hospital made almost half a billion dollars and $5 million on parking.  They have decided that they want to profit even more off of parents and Sick Kids and have eliminated the parent's reduced parking rate, despite having received a petition of over a 1000 people, requesting that they lower their obscene parking rates.  They pay their executives millions of dollars every year.  The new sign that they have erected at the parking area, refuses to reveal the price of STAFF parking.
The hospital made  and $5 million on parking in 2012 and $724 million in total revenue. They have decided that they want to profit even more, off of parents and Sick Kids and have eliminated the “parent’s discount” parking rate, despite having received a petition of over a 1000 people, requesting that they lower their obscene parking rates. Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, Jim Garner, received the petition and didn’t bother to contact the signatories to the petition. Sick Kids pay their executives millions of dollars every year. The new sign that they have erected at the parking area, refuses to reveal the price of STAFF parking. It’s possible that Jim Garner, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, pays nothing at all for parking at Sick Kids hospital. Garner was paid $476,013.64 last year, as well he received $7,203.80 in taxable benefits.

“My patients have a lot of stress from the get-go, and with the addition of more stress with regards to the parking is sort of salt in the wound,” he told Marketplace co-host Erica Johnson.

Vicki McKenna, vice-president of the Ontario Nursing Association, agrees.

“It’s bad enough that you’re having to seek treatment, and that you have an illness, and sometimes a chronic illness, but then you have to worry about parking? It just doesn’t sit right with me, and it shouldn’t be the way it is.”

Survey finds costs create stress

As part of its investigation, Marketplace surveyed over 1,000 Canadians, and found 52 per cent said parking costs affect how often they can visit a hospital, or for how long.

Among the findings:

  • 38 per cent said they couldn’t visit a patient as frequently as they wanted.
  • 20 per cent felt they couldn’t afford to visit patients at all.
  • 3 per cent skipped medical appointments.
  • 14 per cent said they couldn’t afford to volunteer.

Winston says nothing should interfere with patient visits.

“Patients benefit hugely by having family and friends come in, both from a psychological point of view but also from a practical point of view,” he said. “Any inhibitions for support for the patients is the wrong thing.”

After reaching into parent's pockets, who were forced to pay for parking, Sick Kids made record profits of $5 million dollars, from parking profits alone, which constitutes about 1% of their total profits for 2012.  Instead of lowering prices for parents, they raised them and put up a new sign which conveniently omits the price that staff now have to pay for parking.  Sick Kids anticipates record profits for 2013.
After reaching into parent’s pockets, who were forced to pay for parking, Sick Kids made record profits of $5 million dollars on parking alone, which constitutes about 1% of their total revenue of $724 million for 2012. Instead of lowering prices for parents, they raised them and put up a new sign which conveniently omits the price that STAFF now have to pay for parking. Sick Kids anticipates record profits from parking revenue for 2013. They justify it all by saying that other hospitals are conducting themselves in the same manner.

The survey also found 72 per cent of hospital visitors said parking costs added stress to their visits, which can have a negative impact on their health.

“Adding the economic stressors on top of the physical stressors really does add to the recovery time, how well they do, and it even affects interpersonal relationships,” McKenna said.

Financial strain on families

The stress of that financial burden affects more than just the patients.

Vicki McKenna, vice-president of the Ontario Nursing Association, says hospitals should focus more on patient care, not revenues. Vicki McKenna, vice-president of the Ontario Nursing Association, says hospitals should focus more on patient care, not revenues. (CBC)

Heather Stewart has made hundreds of trips to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children since her daughter Kathryn was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. By her count, she made 147 hospital visits in 2011 alone, and has spent thousands of dollars on parking.

“This is a huge additional stressor on our family,” she said. “We’re tapped. Let alone the emotional strain of having an ill child, it’s also the financial strain. We’ve made huge sacrifices, and we would do it all again because our daughter’s worth it, but to feel like you’re getting pinched again is disheartening.”

Parking can be a major moneymaker for hospitals. The Hospital for Sick Children – which raised its parking rates in January – netted $5 million in parking fees in 2012.

Sick Kids spokesman Jim Garner says he has “a lot of empathy” for families like the Stewarts, but says “Sick Kids can’t be responsible for the full cost over the course of treatment of a child that’s going through a complicated disease.”

He defends the costs, saying that $5 million goes into research, infrastructure and patient care.

An online petition by the Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer, which calls for reduced parental parking rates at the Hospital for Sick Children, currently has 998 signatures.

In response, Garner says “the hospital tries to do everything it can do in a responsible and balanced way to support families and particularly those families who are in need.”

He added that hospital representatives would be willing to meet the petitioning parents, “provided that it will be a constructive meeting.”

Privatization increasing prices

Many hospitals are turning to privatized parking, which can be a double-edged sword, McKenna says; it allows hospitals to concentrate on patient care, but it means someone else controls the parking.

“Unless you have it in your contract specifically about how it will be staffed, how it will be maintained, what the max parking fees are… you lose control of it. And I think that’s what’s happened in most hospitals in Ontario.”

McKenna concedes that hospitals need reliable revenue streams, but argues that it’s unfair to put the burden on already troubled families, and says hospitals should find another way to make money.

“I understand (charging for parking), but we have to take it a bit further than just talking about how much revenue we can get. We have to think about there’s a cost to that, not only to the patient, but to the system overall.

“Decisions should be made about patients and patient care, and the quality of health services. Not about how much revenue we can make,” she added.

Stewart agrees.

I’m not saying I want free parking,” she said. “I’m saying we need to consider who we’re trying to tap for this money.

“You can’t keep putting more stressors on families, people who are already tapped or else you’re going to see a bigger drain on the healthcare system (because) they’ve got all these other stressors including money, that’s causing more health issues. It’s kind of a vicious circle.”

Costs Increasing Across Canada

Parking rates have been rising across the country. And they may be going up further. In the 2013 federal budget, the government announced that hospital parking lots would no longer be exempt from GST/HST, meaning that hospitals will either have to adjust their budgets to account for less revenue from parking or raise their rates to pay the taxes.

View Hospital Parking Rate Increases Across Canada in a larger map

The Harper government just passed the 2013 Federal Budget which will not place GST/HST on paid parking at hospitals, which will no doubt translate into higher parking rates at hospitals across Canada (see the budget language below).

Government of Canada – Budget 2013 – Budget released by Prime Minister Harper on March 21, 2013:

GST/HST on Paid Parking

Under the GST/HST, supplies of paid parking are taxable, whether provided by the private or public sector, as supplying paid parking is a commercial activity. To maintain competitive equity with private sector suppliers, since the introduction of the GST, paid parking has been excluded from the general exempting provision for supplies made by a public sector body (PSB). For the purposes of the GST/HST, a PSB is a municipality, university, public college, school authority, hospital authority, charity, non-profit organization or government.

Budget 2013 proposes two measures to clarify that certain special exempting provisions for PSBs do not apply to supplies of paid parking.

Supplies of Paid Parking by PSBs

A special provision exempts from GST/HST all of a PSB’s supplies of a property or a service if all or substantially all – generally 90 per cent or more – of the supplies of the property or service are made for free. This provision is intended to simplify the application of GST/HST for PSBs by relieving them of the obligation to collect tax on occasional sales of a good or service they provide for free substantially all of the time. It was never intended that this provision would exempt a commercial activity, such as paid parking provided on a regular basis by a PSB that may compete with others providing paid parking services.

Budget 2013 proposes to clarify that this special simplifying exempting provision does not apply to supplies of paid parking that are made by way of lease, licence or similar arrangement in the course of a business carried on by a PSB. Taxable parking would include paid parking provided on a regular basis by a PSB, such as parking spaces or parking facilities operated by a municipality or hospital. Occasional supplies of paid parking by a PSB, such as those made as part of a special fund-raising event, would continue to qualify for the exemption.

This measure clarifies that GST/HST applies to commercial paid-parking facilities and spaces operated by a PSB, even where the PSB provides a significant amount of parking at no charge. This clarification is intended to ensure that the legislation provides for the application of the GST/HST to paid parking provided in the course of a business as intended, as generally understood by suppliers and taxpayers, and administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.

This measure will be effective the date the GST legislation was enacted.

Supplies of Paid Parking through Charities

A special exemption from GST/HST applies to parking provided by charities that are not a municipality, university, public college, school or hospital. This special exemption is intended to reduce the GST/HST collection and accounting obligation of charities, many of which are small and rely on volunteers.

Budget 2013 proposes to clarify that the special GST/HST exemption for parking supplied by charities does not apply to supplies of paid parking that are made by way of lease, licence or similar arrangement in the course of a business carried on by a charity set up or used by a municipality, university, public college, school or a hospital to operate a parking facility. This measure is intended to ensure consistent tax treatment of supplies of paid parking made directly by municipalities, universities, public colleges, schools, hospitals and supplies made by charities set up or used by these entities to supply their parking.

This measure will apply to supplies made after Budget Day.


Can Sick Kids Hospital afford to lower their parking rates?; see the 2012 Sunshine List below:

The 2012 Sunshine List (those who made $100,000.00 or more in 2012) from Sick Kids Hospital:

The Hospital for Sick ChildrenABDELHALEEMMOHAMEDDivision Head, Haematopathology$363,793.10$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenABUMUSTAFANAELRegistered Nurse$108,068.74$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenACKERLEYCAMERONElectron Microscopy Applications Specialist$140,467.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenADELIKHOSROWHead Division, Biochemistry$201,973.40$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenAHIERJANETNurse Practitioner$104,729.37$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenAMARALJOAORadiologist$455,982.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenANDERSONMICHAELManager, Laboratory Information Systems$101,790.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenANDREASIANANAHIDTechnology Director$149,370.77$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenARMSTRONGDEREKRadiologist$506,524.20$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenARSENAULTDENISEVice President, Finance/Chief Financial Officer$311,005.95$6,203.80
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenASHJUDITHRadiologist$128,572.01$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenAZIZAALBERTSenior Manager, Diagnostic Imaging$107,717.46$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBALLARDFREDAcute Care Transport Services Clinician – Registered Respiratory Therapist$109,008.01$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBARRERAMARUPsychologist PhD$119,951.78$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBARRETTEDWARDPaedodontist$149,997.12$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBARWICKMELANIEPsychologist PhD$116,181.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBENNARDFAYEManager, Web Team Development$102,181.80$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBEVENBRIANPharmacy Manager$103,353.69$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBIGNELLJOANNENurse Practitioner$104,814.08$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBLAISIRENEDirector, Decision Support$161,781.34$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBLASERSUSANRadiologist$439,343.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBOJICZORANTeam Leader Quality Programs$102,739.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBOMBAMARIEDirector, Foundation Relations$108,695.38$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBOOTHMARILYNExecutive Director, Ontario Child Health Network$186,081.71$1,860.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBOYDJENNIFERClinical Nurse Specialist$103,885.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBOYDELLKATHERINEHealth Systems Research Scientist$132,639.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBRADSHAWSANDRADirector, Finance$150,795.75$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBRANSONHELENNeuroradiologist$421,015.65$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBRIENWILLIAM F.Haematopathologist$237,593.92$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBRUCE-BARRETTCYNTHIADirector, Corporate Strategic Projects$160,504.34$1,860.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCAMPBELLCRAIGSenior Clinical Manager$103,905.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCAMPBELLJANICERisk Manager and Privacy Officer$113,572.41$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCAREWCHRISTOPHERDirector, Strategy$145,610.01$1,860.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCARGILLJOHNSenior Systems Architect$133,296.80$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCASASMICHAELDirector, Dental Clinics$237,245.12$2,171.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCESARIOROBERTDirector, Human Resources Transformation$158,612.52$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHAHALNITANurse Practitioner$100,725.91$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHARKOTELLENClinical Director$135,153.15$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHARRONMARTINDivision Head, Nuclear Medicine$422,567.88$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHAVHANGOVINDRadiologist$357,247.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHIASSONDAVIDPathologist$320,786.82$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHILDRICHARDManager, Database and Applications$105,359.82$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHUANGSYLVESTERRadiologist$268,386.30$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCHUNGCATHERINEPathologist$284,495.67$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCOLANTONIODAVIDClinical Biochemist$141,670.00$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCOMARKRISTINClinical Manager$104,668.80$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCONNOLLYBAIRBRERadiologist$478,782.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCORTEZMIGUELNeurophysiologist$127,705.58$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCRAIGSTEPHENApplications Director$146,611.36$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCRAVENCHERYLVice President, Human Resources$324,719.93$5,881.18
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCRAWFORDLYNNCardiovascular Perfusionist$113,141.15$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCRIVIANU-GAITADANIELAVice President/Chief Information Officer$290,315.57$3,154.06
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCROMWELLSUSANSenior Pathologists Assistant$104,823.24$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenCUTZERNESTPathologist$342,373.94$576.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDA SILVAZELIADirector, Respiratory Therapy$108,516.75$5.52
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDALZIELFIONASenior Manager Occupational Hygiene and Safety$101,372.61$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDANEMANALANRadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDANEMANDENISPaediatrician-In-Chief$210,131.71$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDANIELSCATHERINENurse Practitioner$104,889.80$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDAVEYLISACardiovascular Perfusionist Educator$105,579.27$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDE ANGELISMARIANurse Practitioner$105,114.54$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDE SILVANICOLENurse Practitioner$105,188.91$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDELINETRACEYDirector, Organizational and Leadership Development$163,758.53$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDEVINESUSANSenior Manager Clinical Trials$111,970.61$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDIONNEKIMBERLYNurse Practitioner$105,261.09$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDOERKSENRUTHRegistered Nurse$107,999.36$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDONNELLYRUTHPsychologist PhD$116,181.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDORIAANDREARadiologist$439,481.10$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDOUGLASCORINNESenior, Manager Volunteer Resources$121,066.40$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDOYLESANDRAClinical Manager$105,202.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDRYDEN-PALMERKARENClinical Nurse Specialist$104,204.81$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDUBROWSKIADAMEducational Researcher$120,010.80$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDUPUISLAURAClinical Pharmacy Manager$103,099.13$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenEDGELLDAVIDCardiovascular Perfusionist$112,802.96$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenEDMONDSJOHNClinical Medical Informatics Director$191,305.30$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenEDWARDSHELENDirector, Clinical Informatics$149,601.59$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenEINARSONKATHLEENNurse Practitioner$105,397.24$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFEGARASSTEVEManager, Business Applications$104,591.84$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFELLOWSGAYLEManager, Clinical Applications$105,359.81$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFERGUSONBRUCEDirector, Community Health$189,989.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFERGUSONLIZClinical Director$144,233.88$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFINELLIMICHAELRegistered Respiratory Care Practitioner$101,181.02$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFLEMING-CARROLLBONNIEAssociate Chief of Nursing$145,681.55$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFONTANA CHOWKARENClinical Director$114,400.83$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFOREMANCELESTEClinical Leader$110,549.69$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFROSTKARENNurse Practitioner$113,484.30$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGALBERGFLEMMINGProject Director$174,195.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGARNERJIMExecutive Vice President, Corporate Services$476,013.64$7,203.80
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGERRITSENDEIRASenior Program Manager, Business Development$117,872.20$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGIGNACCHANTELLRegistered Nurse$106,733.51$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGREENBERGBARRYRetail Pharmacy Manager$140,012.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGREERMARY-LOUISERadiologist$229,300.40$567.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGRIFFITHSKATHRYNStaff Pharmacist$103,171.58$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGRUENWALDCOLLEENDirector Perfusion Services$146,988.67$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenGUGERSHARONPsychologist PhD$109,797.03$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHADDADMARYPresident/Chief Executive Officer$712,000.00$28,043.93
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHALESBEVERLEYPharmacy Consultant$151,812.90$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHALLIDAYWILLIAMNeuropathologist$313,821.70$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHAMILTONLORIRegistered Nurse$104,456.64$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHAWKINSCYNTHIAPathologist$346,282.47$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHEGELERICHARDChief Paediatric Laboratory$271,579.79$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHICKSMELODYClinical Director$129,763.03$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHOCHIN-CHINManager, Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine$100,172.84$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHOWESTUARTExecutive Director, Business Services and Development$202,279.35$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHOZJANIRENANurse Practitioner$103,639.40$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHUBBERTJACKIESenior Clinical Manager$107,974.52$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHUBLEYPAMELAAssociate Chief of Nursing$150,929.42$1,620.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenHUZZELLROSARIARegistered Nurse$124,124.02$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenIACOLUCCIANTHONYAcute Care Transport Services Clinician – Registered Respiratory Therapist$102,747.99$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenJANZENLAURAPsychologist PhD$118,270.85$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenJESSOAUDRASenior Clinical Manager$107,765.48$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenJOHNPHILIPRadiologist$455,982.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenJUDDPETERDentist-in-Chief$310,404.64$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKAHANIRENERegistered Nurse$106,577.78$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKARBANDOROTAMedical Radiation Technologist II$103,267.49$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKEATINGSMARGARETChief Interprofessional Practice/Chief Nursing Executive$274,187.41$5,591.55
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKELLYCHARISNurse Practitioner$100,958.21$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKERRELIZABETHPsychologist PhD$112,467.48$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKING-HRYCAJBRENDATreasurer$159,875.84$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKINNEARKARENExecutive Clinical Director$191,689.19$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKOEHNKIMBERLEYDirector, Talent Management$129,812.96$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKUTTIRITAStaff Pharmacist$102,354.05$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenKYRIAKOPOULOULIANNA G.Clinical Biochemist$140,470.00$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenLAIVENIEKSSTEPHANIESenior Clinical Manager$105,918.13$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenLAPPAN GRACONSTEPHANIESenior Clinical Manager$103,044.13$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenLAUELAINEClinical Pharmacy Manager$100,386.94$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenLAUWENDYDirector, Transfusion Medicine$265,095.65$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenLAUGHLINSUZANNENeuroradiologist$438,499.85$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenLIMFLORENCEManager, Interfaces$101,872.40$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenLOWERONALDDirector, Facilities Operations$127,105.10$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMABBOTTDONALDSenior Manager, Academic Programs and Neuropsychiatry$137,937.90$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMACCARONETHERESADirector, Nutrition and Food Services$128,220.33$1,860.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMACDONALDCATHYRadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMACEACHERNIANSenior Manager, Pension and Benefits$118,893.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMAHANTSANJAYStaff Physician$253,999.20$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMAINLANDJEFFVice President, Corporate Strategy and Performance$319,673.21$9,662.39
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMAKWENDYAcute Care Transport Services Clinician – Registered Respiratory Therapist$130,806.68$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMALONEYANNENurse Practitioner$105,212.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMANICAT-EMOARBELLENurse Practitioner$105,212.63$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMANNERIKARadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMANSONDAVIDRadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMANSONELIZABETHDirector, Telepsychiatry$126,134.88$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMARTINKATHRYNNurse Practitioner$104,725.87$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMASONDONNARegistered Nurse$101,491.42$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMATLOWANNEMedical Director, Patient Safety$314,671.91$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMATTELIANOSALVATOREManager, Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine$101,790.20$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMCGUIREJOYDirector, Occupational Health and Safety$140,576.52$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMCMILLENKELLYDirector, Learning Institute$141,056.85$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMCNAIRCAROLNurse Practitioner$105,209.54$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMCVEYGAILHealth Systems Research Scientist$101,007.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMENDLOWITZSANDRAPsychologist PhD$119,976.28$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMILLSDENISENurse Practitioner$103,959.80$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMINERSCHRISTINEProgram Manager, Leadership Development$124,443.23$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMONKMARILYNExecutive Vice President, Clinical Programs and Services$383,271.98$11,817.92
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMORGANSEANDirector, Purchasing$105,901.94$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenMOROSANDRASenior Project Manager$103,257.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenNAVARRO KUNSTMANNOSCARRadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenNEROGARYSupport and Network Services Director$151,486.89$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenNGANBO-YEEPathologist$333,322.84$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenO’BRIENBONNIE-SUESenior Manager, Medical Affairs$105,616.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenO’BRIENCHRISTINEOccupational Therapy Practitioner$103,701.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenOCHIAYAKONeurophysiologist$106,341.73$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenO’CONNORDEBBIEDirector, Clinical Dietetics$144,302.36$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenOPPEDISANOSILVANANurse Practitioner$101,782.48$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenOTSUBOHIROSHIResearch Assistant$129,107.24$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenOUDJHANEKAMALDINERadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPARRADIMITRIRadiologist$444,574.55$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPARSANPETERImplementations Director$159,817.88$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPENDERGASTLISAClinical Director$137,143.23$1,860.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPEREIRA-SOLOMOSPAULANurse Practitioner$103,761.12$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPETRICHASTRIDMicrobiologist$166,100.00$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPIETROLUNGOLARADirector, International Affairs$117,212.82$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenPINARDMARIEManager, Emergency Measures and Quality$103,685.43$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenRAMIREZMARIODirector, Medical Engineering$165,248.01$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenRAMSEYVANESSADirector, Finance$127,876.24$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenRANSONMARILYNRadiologist$340,674.88$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenRAYPETERHead, Molecular Genetics$191,773.40$576.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenRAYBAUDCHARLESDivision Head, Neuroradiology$437,656.10$576.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenREIBBONNIEClinical Director$169,650.30$3,552.29
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenREYESJANETTENurse Practitioner$104,715.72$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenRICHARDSONSUSANDivision Head, Microbiology$357,907.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenROBERTSONCHRISTOPHERDevelopment Director Information Services$133,165.63$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenROWEPATRICIANurse Practitioner$102,226.31$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenROZAKLISASenior Manager, Compensation and Recognition$107,531.20$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSANANESRENEEPsychologist PhD$117,955.63$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSAWRASPETERDirector, Facilities Planning$192,899.98$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSCHOONHEYTWANDAExecutive Clinical Director$185,736.63$1,223.18
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSEGUINCATHYVice President, International Affairs$295,107.47$4,835.32
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSENGERDEBRADirector, Health Information and Registration Services$130,006.35$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSETOWINNIEClinical Pharmacy Manager$101,253.19$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSHAGOMARYCo-Director, Cytogenetics Lab$141,118.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSHAMMASAMERRadiologist$205,340.38$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSHARMAKAMLADirector, International Affairs$113,923.81$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSHEPSSUSANStaff Pharmacist$104,106.23$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSHROFFMANOHARRadiologist-In-Chief$468,291.72$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSHUMANCHERYLDirector, Genetic Counselling$121,375.34$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSOMERSGINOPathologist$337,093.25$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSPIEGLERBRENDADirector, Psychology$155,569.35$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTANSFIELDSUSANPharmacy Manager$105,166.51$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTAVROPOULOSDIMITRIOS JAMESCo-Director, Cytogenetics$130,270.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTEWARTAMANDAAcute Care Transport Services Clinician – Registered Nurse$103,684.53$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTIMECJENNIFERRadiologist$109,549.17$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTINSONJENNIFERClinical Scientist$119,992.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTINSON-LYPKASUSANSenior Clinical Manager$100,036.75$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTOCKLEYTRACYAssociate Director, Department of Paediatrics$141,118.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTOKOEJACQUELINECardiovascular Perfusionist$109,601.62$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTRANTZASSAMAssociate Clinical Neurophysiologist$116,146.65$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSTREITENBERGERLAURIESenior Manager, Infection Prevention and Control$103,031.59$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenSUTTONPATRICIASenior Clinical Manager$106,956.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTALLETTSUSANChief, Education$284,059.98$891.95
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTAYLORGLENNDivision Head, Pathology$340,191.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTAYLORLOUISENurse Practitioner$104,991.40$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTAYLORMARGODirector, Functional Neuroimaging$185,368.40$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTEMPLEMICHAELRadiologist$455,982.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTHOMASJENNIFERNurse Practitioner$107,539.65$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTHOMASKARENRadiologist$212,921.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTHORNERPAULAssociate Head, Pathology$229,476.80$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTIMBERLAKEKATHRYNClinical Specialist Pharmacy$101,184.43$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTRAUBICIJEFFREYRadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenTUKUMSJOANNADeputy Chief Financial Officer$183,544.89$1,860.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenULERYKELIZABETHDirector, Library Services$101,003.28$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenUSHYCKYIRENEClinical Director$131,798.75$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenVAIDYAROOMASenior Project Manager$102,582.22$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenVAN CLIEAFJUDYExecutive Clinical Director$192,312.31$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenVAN KLAVERENCHRISTINEDirector, Perioperative Services$132,890.94$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenVIVEIROSDINARTEClinical Director$123,413.78$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenVOLPEJOCELYNENurse Practitioner$106,809.35$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenVOSJOHNProperty Manager$105,360.10$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWANGJIANCardiovascular Perfusionist$114,417.78$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWESTMACOTTROBYNPsychologist PhD$116,225.69$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWHITTAMOREGAYLEDeputy Chief Human Resources Officer$181,578.09$1,085.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWIDJAJAELYSANeuroradiologist$452,506.10$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWILLIAMSANGELANurse Practitioner$100,080.40$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWILSONDIANENurse Practitioner$104,771.22$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWILSONGREGORYPathologist$320,787.38$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWILSONJUDITHNurse Practitioner$106,996.50$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWONGGARYSenior Project Manager$113,895.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWRAYRICHARDDirector, Quality Management$131,632.37$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenWRIGHTJAMESSurgeon-In-Chief and Chief of Perioperative Services$223,719.15$3,123.51
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenYANGROCKYManager, Medical Engineering$102,072.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenYAUYVONNEMicrobiologist$374,542.46$1,101.60
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenYOOSHI-JOONRadiologist$425,843.60$1,151.82
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenYOUNKERSHARONDirector, Executive Office and Corporate Secretary$138,045.60$1,860.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenYUHERTANurse Practitioner$102,047.37$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenZAJACRICHARDDirector, Facilities Development$134,615.94$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenZAKMARIANurse Practitioner$100,630.60$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenZHAOLIJIESenior Manager Purchasing$106,529.00$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenZIELENSKAMARIALaboratory Scientist$142,342.20$0.00
The Hospital for Sick ChildrenZLOTKINSTANLEYVice President, Medical and Academic Affairs$380,943.12$4,644.08


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