Calgary/Edmonton/Regina to Use High Definition/High Speed Automatec Fingerprint I.D. System


A MorphoBis (an automated fingerprint I.D. system), will allow a faster database search reducing the search time from 12 to 2 minutes; will capture and search palm prints and will police to begin to re-investigate cold case latent finger/palm prints

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New technology is giving three police services in Western Canada clearer picture of the prints criminals leave behind.

The Calgary Police Service and Edmonton Police Service are using a new Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to enhance their Canadian Western Identification Network.

The Regina Police Service will be using the new AFIS by this fall, following delivery of the necessary hardware and software.

The new system,aMorphoBis, provices a higher definition image of fingerprints using the most advanced biometric technology available today. It was selected through a procurement process.

MorphoBis uses multimodal technology combining finger vein and fingerprint biometrics.

The MorphoBIS AFIS will allow the services to search the database faster and help them move closer to real-time, paperless identification. A search that would previously take anywhere from eight to 12 minutes can now be done within two minutes. The number of successful hits, with this new system, has also increased from about  9.8% to 21.7%.

The MorphoBIS AFIS also has the ability to capture and search palm print records – a tool previously unavailable to officers, despite the routine collection of palm impressions at crime scenes.

The central database is housed in Calgary, but all three services contribute, and have access to, the network of approximately 500,000 records and 24,000 crime scene latent prints. These records are also sent to Ottawa to become part of Canada’s national fingerprint and criminal record repository, managed by the RCMP.

Members of all three police services will also begin re-searching crime scene latent prints from cold case files to determine if a match can be made.

MorphoBIS is manufactured by MorphoTrak, a high-technology company in the Safran group.


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