Calgary Monthly Parking (Highest Price in Canada)


Big Yellow Taxi

excerpt from Big Yellow Taxi:

“They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot”

Musician/Songwriter/Painter Joni  Mitchell

Collier International recently published a survey referred to as Colliers’ “10th Annual North America Parking Rate Survey“.

The survey shows that the world’s financial meltdown didn’t douse the enthusiasm of the owners of parking lots worldwide and that prices, worldwide, continued to climb during this period for the privilege of parking in a private parking lot.

In Canada, Monthly Parking Rates increased by $6.16 CAD, a 2.8% gain over the past year, compared with a 9.9% increase during the 2008/2009 period. In central business districts across Canada the median rate for daily parking now averages $14.83 CAD and the median monthly parking rate across Canada is $224.10 CAD.

Here is a Global Comparison Chart constructed by Colliers reflected in their North America Parking Rate Survey (converted to U.S. Dollars):

1.   London – City 932.99
2.   London – West End 873.50
3.   Hong Kong 744.72
4.   Tokyo 654.00
5.   Rome 615.00
6.   Zurich 605.64
7.   Sydney 591.28
8.   Perth 563.37
9.   Brussels 549.94
10. New York – Midtown 538.00
11. New York – Downtown 529.00
12. Copenhagen 516.88
13. Vienna 496.22
14. Amsterdam 482.28
15. Brisbane 469.47
16. Manchester 462.87
17. Calgary 432.93
18. Geneva 431.34
19. Birmingham 428.05
20. Oslo 425.98
21. Boston 425.00
22. Bristol 419.34
23. Antwerp 393.70
24. Milan 393.70
25. San Francisco 375.00

(as represented by median rate)

1. Calgary $453.38       CAD
2. Toronto $336.25      CAD
3. Montreal $280.62    CAD
4. Edmonton $275.00  CAD
5. Vancouver $266.81  CAD
6. Victoria $180.00      CAD
7. Regina $162.75         CAD
8. Ottawa $160.00       CAD
9. Halifax $158.20        CAD
10.Winnipeg $152.25    CAD
11.Saskatoon $147.00   CAD
12.Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont. $116.94  CAD

National Average $224.10 Cdn. Dollars

The five most expensive parking districts in Canada (as represented by median rate) are; Calgary ($453.00 CAD), Toronto ($336.00), Montreal ($280.00), Edmonton ($275.00) and Vancouver ($267.00) per month.

The most expensive monthly parking in Canada, is found in downtown core of the City of Calgary, Alberta at $453.38 and ranked number 17 in the world.

The City of Toronto, Ontario achieves second place on the Canadian list, with the median monthly parking cost of $336.25.

The City of Montreal, Quebec ranks number 3 on the Canadian list, with the median monthly parking cost of $280.62.

The median (National Average) Monthly Parking Rate across Canada is $224.10, while the median Daily Rate is $14.83.

The City of Toronto reported that driver’s from other Provinces come to Toronto and are ticketed for improperly parking and then neglect to pay the fine for the alleged violation. This creates a shortfall in expected revenue for the City.

It turns out that the 93% of the identified motorists who received parking tickets (10,456) while in Toronto in 2008 and passed on the paying of the associated fines to the City of Toronto were Albertans (who had the worst record for paying their parking fines). Perhaps it is understandable why only 7% of Albertans (probably a large percentage from Calgary) paid their parking ticket fines, given that they were probably enjoying a parking fee holiday, as well as a vacation from work.

Parking Spaces Disappear in Toronto

A number of factors are conspiring to eliminate and reduce the number of on-street, surface parking lot and underground parking spaces in Toronto:

  • antiquated and wholly indequate public transit system
  • anticipated population growth of approximately 100,000 new
    people in Toronto per year over the next 10 years
  • new bicycle lanes
  • large condominum buildings
  • loss or reduction of underground parking lots
  • increased costs for parking
  • As a result of simple supply and demand, these factors could have the detrimental effect of pushing the price of parking up, at a even greater cost than it is now, placing the now second place Toronto, into first place on the Canadian list, as the most expensive City in Canada to park your motor vehicle on a monthly basis.

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