Calgary Collects on Unpaid Tickets

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see source,CBC

The Alberta Justice department initiated a new fine enforcement program four (4) years ago, in response to millions of dollars outstanding as a result of unpaid traffic ticket fines.

The initiative was initially rolled out in Edmonton in 2009 and was suppose to be extended to Calgary. Calgary had its own administrative challenges and could not implement the fine enforcement program until the New Calgary Courts Centre at 601 – 5 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta,  T2P 5P7 opened. As a result, the program was implemented in 2010, instead of 2009 as planned.

Calgary Courts Centre, 601 - 5 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 5P7

The initiative, which rolled out in Edmonton last year, was supposed to arrive in Calgary as well. But admistrative issues related to the opening of the new Calgary Courts Centre delayed the launch.

Calgarians, who received a repreive from Alberta’s new fine enforcement program in 2009 , were on the list to be pursued last year by the Justice department.

An Alberta Justice crackdown on unpaid traffic tickets is yielding results in Calgary.

Four years ago, the province started going after delinquent tickets that account for millions of dollars in unpaid fines.

The traffic fines enforcement program began in Edmonton, and expanded to Calgary in June. So far, of the roughly $11 million in unpaid Calgary tickets, more than $1 million has been paid.

“In some cases, garnishees have been taken off federal income tax, GST refunds, wages, and in extreme cases there’s been the ability to freeze bank accounts and seize assets,” said Alberta Justice spokesman Josh Stewart.

“Basically what this is about is promoting safety. The reason traffic fines are in place is to encourage people to obey the traffic laws.”

In Edmonton, about half of the $13 million owed by Edmonton drivers has been collected since the program began.

There are more than 73,000 unpaid traffic tickets remaining in Edmonton and Calgary.

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