British Columbia (B.C.): Traffic Offences – Fines and Penalty Points


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Fines and Penalty Points for B.C. Traffic Offences

Vancouver Police Motorcycle Unit in the Traffic Section

Look up the amount of a fine or number of Driver Penalty Points for a traffic or driving offence.

Note: For some offences or convictions such as excessive speeding, a Driver Risk Premium may apply in addition to fines and points.

Motor Vehicle Act section Description Fine
Point level
24(1)No driver’s licence/wrong class$2763
24(3)(b)Drive without insurance$5980
25(15)Drive contrary to restriction (e.g., not wearing corrective lenses)$1093
Drive contrary to restriction (new driver usuing electronic device while driving)$1673
33(1)Fail to produce driver’s licence or insurance$810
73(1)Fail to stop for police$1383
121Unsafe driving of maintenance or construction vehicle$1092
123Fail to obey police direction$1092
125Disobey traffic control device$1212
127(1)(a)(ii)Fail to yield to pedestrian$1672
127(1)(a)(iii)Fail to yield to vehicle—green light$1672
128(1)(a)Yellow light at intersection/no stop before intersection$1672
128(2)(a)Yellow light—no intersection$1092
129(1)Red light at intersection$1672
129(3)Fail to yield—right turn—red light$1672
129(4)(b)Fail to yield—left turn—red light$1672
129(5)(a)Red light—no intersection$1672
130(1)(a)Fail to yield or disobey green arrow$1672
130(2)(a)(i)Fail to stop—yellow arrow—marked crosswalk$1672
130(2)(a)(ii)Fail to stop—yellow arrow—intersection$1672
130(2)(b)Fail to yield—yellow arrow—pedestrian$1672
131(1)(a)Red flashing light at intersection$1672
131(2)(a)Red flashing light—no intersection$1382
131(3)(a)Yellow flashing light at intersection$1672
131(4)(a)Yellow flashing light—no intersection$1382
131(5)(a)Fail to yield at green flashing light$1672
134Fail to obey lane direction control signal$1212
140Disobey construction signs$196–$2533
141Disobey flagman$1963
143Drive over newly painted lines$1092
144(1)(a)Drive without due care$3686
144(1)(b)Drive without consideration$1966
144(1)(c)Speed relative to conditions$1673
145(1)Slow driving$1213
146(1)Speed in/outside municipality$138–$1963
146(3)Speed against highway sign$138–$1963
146(5)Speed against area sign$138–$1963
146(7)Speed against municipal sign$138–$1963
146(11)Speed on municipal lane$1383
147(1)Speed in school zone$196–$2533
147(2)Speed in playground zone$196–2533
148(1)Excessive speed$368–4833
149Fail to stop for school bus$1673
150(1)Fail to keep right$1093
150(2)Slow vehicle not on right$1093
150(3)Fail to keep right of rotary traffic island$1093
151(a)Unsafe lane change$1092
151(b)Lane change solid line$1092
151(c)Change lanes without signal$1092
151(d)Left turn from wrong lane$1092
151(e)Right turn from wrong lane$1092
151(f)Illegal pass on laned roadway$1092
151(g)Slow moving in wrong lane$1092
154Passing when meeting oncoming traffic$1093
155(1)(a)Cross solid double line$1093
155(1)(b)(i)Fail to keep right of double broken/solid line$1093
155(1)(b)(ii)Cross solid broken line$1093
155(1)(c)Fail to keep right of single broken or solid line$1093
157(1)(a)Fail to pass at safe distance$1093
157(1)(b)Fail to complete pass safely$1093
157(2)(a)Fail to yield passing vehicle$1093
157(2)(b)Increase speed while being passed$1093
158(1)Pass on right$1092
158(2)(a)Unsafe pass on right$1092
158(2)(b)Pass on right off roadway$1092
159Unsafe pass on left$1093
160Pass without clear view$1093
161Disobey traffic sign or signal$1212
162(1)Follow too closely$1093
162(2)Commercial vehicle follow too closely$1093
162(3)Fail to leave sufficient space between vehicle for passing$1093
163(a)Drive over highway divider$1093
163(b)Fail to keep right on divided highway$1093
164(1)Enter controlled access highway$1093
164(2)Leave controlled access highway$1093
165(5)Improper turn at intersection$1093
166Improper left turn—no intersection$1212
167Improper right turn—no intersection$1212
168(a)Unsafe U-turn$1212
168(b)(iii)Prohibited U-turn$1212
168(b)(iv)U-turn — intersection$1672
168(b)(v)U-turn — business district$1212
169Unsafe start$1092
170(1)No signal on turn$1212
170(2)Inadequate signal on turn$1212
170(3)Fail to signal stop or decrease in speed$1212
171(2)Drive without signal device$1092
172(2)No proper signalling equipment for right-hand drive vehicle$1092
173(1)Fail to yield at uncontrolled intersection$1672
174Fail to yield on left turn/fail to yield to left turn vehicle$1672
175(1)Fail to yield after stop$1672
175(2)Fail to yield to vehicle leaving stop$1672
176(1)Emerging vehicle—fail to stop$1212
176(2)Emerging vehicle—fail to yield$1212
177Fail to yield for emergency vehicle$1093
179(1)Fail to yield to pedestrian$1673
179(3)Pass vehicle yielding for pedestrian$1673
179(4)Disobey school guard/ patrol$1673
181Fail to excercise duty to pedestrian$1382
185(1)Fail to stop or leave safely at railway crossing$1092
185(2)Drive past railway crossing gate$1092
185(4)(e)Commercial vehicle—no stop at railway crossing$1092
185(5)Fail to proceed with caution at railway crossing$1092
186Disobey stop sign$1673
191(2)(a)Unsecured motor vehicle$810
193Reverse into intersection$1212
193Reverse when unsafe$1092
194(1)Operate motorcycle—not on seat$1212
194(3)Permit unlawfully seated passenger on motorcycle$1092
194(4)Operate motorcycle—more than two abreast$1092
196Improper operation of vehicle on canyon, defile, or on mountain road$1092
197Coast down grade illegally$1212
198Follow fire truck too closely/ park near fire truck$812
199Drive over fire hose$812
200Drive on sidewalk$812
203(1)Open door while unsafe$812
214.2 (1)Using electronic device while driving$1670
214.2 (2)Emailing or texting while driving$1673


Seatbelt and motorcycle helmet violations and fines

Motor Vehicle Act section Description Fine
Point level
220(2)Operate vehicle without
220(3)Operate vehicle with
inoperative seatbelt
220(4)Fail to wear seatbelt$1670
220(6)Permit passenger without
221(1)Ride motorcycle without
required helmet


Motor Vehicle Act Regulations

Motor Vehicle Act section Description Fine
Point level
3.03Illegible plate$1960
7A.01Unnecessary noise$1093
30.13Fail to display “L” or “N” sign$1090
47.02Fail to slow down or move over near stopped official vehicle$1733


Fines levied by courts

Motor Vehicle Act section Description Fine
Point level
70(1)(a)Illegal use or possession of
permit or insurance
70(1.1)(a)Illegal use or possession of
identification card
70(1.1)(b)Illegal use or possession of
driver’s licence
Motor vehicle-related Criminal Code (Canada) offences10
95(1)Driving while prohibited$575–
234(1)Driving while suspended$575–


Traffic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Please note that the information below may only relate to Vancouver by-laws. Check with your local jurisdiction for similar or different by-law issues.

Q. Is it legal to use an electronic device while stopped in traffic or at a traffic signal?

A. No. Under section 214.2, a person must not use an electronic device while driving or operating a motor vehicle, which includes talking, texting and emailing. Drivers stopped in traffic or at a traffic light are still considered to be operating a motor vehicle and included in the definition of “driving.”

Q. Is it legal for a pedestrian to enter a crosswalk at an intersection when the pedestrian traffic signal is displaying a flashing raised hand? What if the hand signal is not flashing?

A. A pedestrian must not enter the roadway at an intersection when the pedestrian traffic signal is displaying the outline of a raised hand, or the words “Wait” or “Don’t Walk,” whether it is flashing or not.

Q. Who has the right of way in traffic circles?

A. You yield to traffic coming from your immediate left already in the roundabout before you enter.

Q. What is the speed limit in the city of Vancouver?

A. The speed limit in any municipality in B.C. is 50 km/h unless otherwise posted.

Q. Can you make a left hand turn at an intersection with a red light, from a two-way street onto a one-way street?

A. Yes, you are permitted to turn left from a two-way street onto a one-way street at an intersection when you are facing a RED traffic light; providing the intersection is clear of vehicles, cyclists and / or pedestrians and that you are intending on travelling in the direction of the one-way street and it is safe to do so. You have to come to a complete stop immediately before entering the intersection or entering the marked crosswalk on the near side of that intersection.

Q. Is it okay to change or alter my “L” or “N” sign?

A. No, if you have a restriction on your driver’s licence requiring you to display an official “L” or “N” sign, you are not permitted to alter that sign in any way. That means you may not cut it or trim it, and the entire sign must be in clear view, either in the back window or attached to the back of the vehicle you are operating.

Q. To what degree can my car windows be tinted?

A. Front window shields can not be tinted more than 75 mm below the top of window. Front side windows can not be tinted. Rear window shields may be tinted provided the vehicle has outside mirrors on both the driver’s and passenger’s side. Windows behind the driver may be tinted.

Q. What is the fine for driving without insurance?

A. The fine for driving without insurance is $598.

Q. What is the fine for driving with an obstructed license plate?

A. The fine for driving with an obstructed license plate is $196.

Q. What is considered a nuisance car alarm?

A. Car alarms may not sound longer than one (1) minute or more than 3 times in a 24 hour period. If it does, the vehicle can be towed and all costs will be incurred by the registered owner.

Q. Is it legal to leave my car running when I’m not in it?

A. It is illegal to leave your vehicle engine running or leave the keys in the ignition while you are not in the vehicle. This includes parking lots or any lot where the public has access.

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  1. Hi Ravinder:
    It is spelled out in the Motor Vehicle Act – see the following:

    Motor Vehicle Act
    Careless driving prohibited
    (1) A person must not drive a motor vehicle on a highway
    (a) without due care and attention,
    (b) without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway, or
    (c) at a speed that is excessive relative to the road, traffic, visibility or weather conditions.
    (2) A person who contravenes subsection (1) (a) or (b) is liable on conviction to a fine of not less than $100 and, subject to this minimum fine, section 4 of the Offence Act applies.

  2. hi, i just want to know the complete definition of motor vehicle act of BC section 144(1)b, driving without consideration. thanks

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