Bixi Toronto To Relocate Stations In Order to Rent Out Bikes Year Round

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Toronto will be the first Canadian city to maintain their BIXI bike rental services throughout the winter months.

At the same time, it will be expanding its service area by relocating some stations.

“We are quite excited,” said Michel Philibert, director of communications for BIXI.

“In Washington, their system runs all year long. But Toronto is colder, we’ll have more snow, so we are quite excited to see how the usage will be in the winter here.”

Between August and November, Philibert said the number of BIXI Toronto trips has remained roughly the same. And even as the weather gets more severe, he said the entire system will be up and running through rain or snow.

In a bid to accommodate snow removal and increase ridership, they will be relocating 17 stations and expanding one other.

In general, stations will be moved a little further into both the east and west ends of the city to cover more ground. Relocation will begin Nov. 26.

To date, Torontonians have made over 370,000 Bixi trips. Almost 4,000 people currently subscribe to the city service.

BIXI Toronto and the city of Toronto will be relocating 17 stations and expanding one station starting November 26th. BIXI Toronto will be relocating station to accommodate snow removal operations.

At the same time, BIXI Toronto worked closely with its partner, the city of Toronto, to study the performance of each station and decided to relocate stations with a low level of use to busier locations. The stations will be moved a little further east and west to expand the service area. The larger area will offer BIXI users more options. These relocations will allow users to benefit from a larger service area.

Here is the list of stations that will be relocated:

  • From Shuter St/ Bond St to SW corner Sherbourne/ Carlton (Allan Gardens)
  • From CNE to SW corner Trinity/ Front (Distillery)
  • From Peter/ Queen to SW corner Bathurst/ Queens Quay (Island Airport)
  • From Duncan/ Queen to NE corner Queen/ Van Auley
  • From Mutual St/ Gould St to SW corner corner Gould/ Mutual
  • From Hayter St/ Bay St to NE corner Euclid/ Bloor
  • From Beverley St/ College St to SE corner Bathurst/ Lennox
  • From Beverley St/ Grange Ave to SE corner Queen/ Portland
  • From College St/ Roberts St to NW corner College/ Major
  • From Hoskin Ave/ Devonshire Pl to SE corner Bloor/ Brunswick
  • From Surrey Place/ Grovesnor Ave to NE corner King St/ Princess Ave
  • From Yonge St/ Dundonald St to NE corner College St/ Borden
  • From University Ave/ Richmond St to SE corner Wellington St/ Portland St
  • From Church St/ Granby Ave to NW corner Church St/ Alexander St
  • From University Ave / Charles St to NE Bay St/ Scollard Ave
  • From Mutual Ave/ Dundas to NE corner Sherbourne St/ Wellesley St
  • From Jarvis St/ Shuter Ave to SE corner Bathurst St/ Dundas St


BIXI Toronto will also expand the station at Phoebe Ave / Spadina Ave.

Here is the relocating schedule:


  1. University Ave / Charles St
  2. Peter / Queen
  3. Mutual Ave / Dundas



  1. Expansion of Phoebe Ave / Spadina Ave
  2. College St / Roberts St
  3. Church St / Granby Ave



  1. Beverley St / Grange Ave
  2. Jarvis St / Shuter Ave
  3. Mutual St / Gould St



  1. Hayter St / Bay St
  2. Surrey Place / Grovesnor Ave
  3. CNE



  1. Shuter St / Bond St
  2. Duncan / Queen
  3. Yonge St / Dundonald St



  1. University Ave / Richmond St
  2. Beverley St / College St
  3. Hoskin Ave / Devonshire PI
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