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Update: see previous post – May 2, 2011 Bixi,  April 30, 2011 Bixi – Toronto (Arriving Soon)

Today the City began hauling in Bixi bikes on a truck and a trailer and the Bixi bikes were deposited in the bike docks, at the 20 Edward Street (on the exterior of the World’s Biggest Bookstore) Bixi station on the west side of the store, as well as the east side of the store.

Bixi has erected a bike station, with 22 bike docks, outside of this bookstore at 20 Edward Street. The bookstore will find that this Bixi station will bring new customers into their doors to purchase their products
May 3, 2011 Launch - Bixi bikes are placed in the bike docks for the first time at the 20 Edward Street (World's Biggest Bookstore)

This Bixi station is one of thirty (30) that are presently up and running in Toronto, out of the anticipated eighty (80) to be unfolded across the City.

Despite the 12.0 °C temperature and rain, the weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of those on hand who wanted to participate in the Bixi station launch at the 20 Edward St., in Toronto.

Bixi bikes parked outside of 20 Edward St - later to have cyclists take them for a ride up Yonge Street on this cool and wet day

After City workers dropped off 30 Bixi bikes (one was placed in every other one of the twenty-two (22) bike docks of the Bixi station and the rest were placed on the sidewalk beside 20 Edward Street), cyclists and activists began to slowly show up.

The City of Toronto dropped off about 30 Bixi bikes during the rainy morning for the May 3 Bixi station launch at the World's Biggest Bookstore

Soon police (bicycle unit) and other Bixi officials showed up, all congregating in front of the entrance way to the World’s Biggest Bookstore, as well as inside of the store’s lobby to shield themselves from the constant drizzle.

Soon the media (CP 24) arrived and interviewed those present.  After the launch officially commenced, several enthusiasts took the Bixi bikes lined up along the World’s Biggest Bookstore’s exterior wall (not in the Bixi) bike docks and rode them east on Edward Street to Yonge Street and north on Yonge Street, escorted by the Toronto police’ bicycle unit.

Update: May 7, 2011 – The Fixer: Bikes put people between hot dogs and a hard place

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