Bendable Bicyles


21 year old Kevin Scott, a British industrial design school graduate, has designed the first “bendable bike”, as reported by the Toronto Star.

He designed this bike as part of a problem-solving class assignment while attending De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, UK.

Mr. Scott said “I was basically looking at why people didn’t use bikes to commute into city centres. There was a lack of facilities, particularly security. “I wanted something that worked without the person having to carry any extra things.” The solution? “Making the bike the lock.”

He created a bike that actually wraps around poles, keeping commuter bikes safe and harder for bike thieves to steal.

He built a sectional system for the frame which is held in tension by central cables when the bike is straight. A release lever loosens the sections so the bike can bend around an object and lock into itself.

When you’re ready to go, you use a small handle to retension the cables.

Kevin Scott achieved Runner-up (2nd place) in the Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year (2010) Award at New Designers for his collapsible bicycle.

In response to this win and the £500 prize, Mr. Scott had this to say “This has validated how I feel about the product. It’s a justification of the uniqueness of the design and the possibilities for taking it further. I intend to use the prize money to outsource production of some of the key components to allow for full testing.

Since graduating in July 2010 from De Montfort University in Leicester, Kevin Scott has been investigating how best to jump his bike from concept to production.

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