Alberta Group Calls for Mandatory Sentencing Minimums for Convicted Drunk Drivers


Sheri Arsenault with Peter MacKay
Sheri Arsenault with Justice Minister Peter MacKay. Her son 18-year-old son Bradley died as a result of an alleged drunk driver. There are 29 different offences in the Criminal Code that carry mandatory minimum sentences. Impaired driving causing death is not one of those offences. The campaign by Beaumont mom Sheri Arsenault and Families for Justice to impose a minimum sentence of five years on drunk drivers convicted of killing other motorists makes good sense. Even if a new mandatory minimum does nothing to discourage habitual blind drunks from getting behind the wheel, five years seems appropriate given the gravity of the crime.

Sheri Arsenault and the Group “Families for Justice” met with Justice Minister Peter MacKay in Calgary Friday

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A group from Alberta pressing for tougher impaired driving laws says they’ve been given hope that changes are coming.

They met with Justice Minister Peter MacKay in Calgary Friday. The members are asking for mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of impaired driving causing death and they say MacKay seemed supportive.

“We tried hard to get a timeline on that and he said that is something he can’t give us at this point but everything in our petition he agrees with fully and sees no reason why this would not be something that will definitely take place in the future,” said Sherri Arsenault, one of the group’s members.

Arsenault’s 18-year-old son was killed by an alleged impaired driver.

She says since the government has put mandatory minimums in place for other crimes, it should do the same for impaired driving causing death.

So far, the petition has more than 60,000 names on it.


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