Airdrie, Alberta – RCMP & Sheriff to Ticket Pedestrians and Motorists in Intersections during January, 2011 Blitz

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see source, Airdrie City View

During the month of January, the Airdrie RCMP and Sheriff Integrated Traffic Units will be focusing their attentions on intersection safety

Motorists and pedestrians are reminded to be vigilant when travelling on Alberta highways.

Failing to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk results in a fine $575 & 3 demerit points.

“In Alberta, in 2008, 89 people were killed and 9,134 people were injured in collisions at intersections in Alberta,” said Staff Sgt. James Johnston of the RCMP K Division Traffic Services.

“About 90 percent of collisions are attributable to driver error. Driving properly and safely is important to reducing collisions.”

Intersections can be very dangerous areas especially during peak driving times when vehicle traffic volumes are at their highest, he added.

Motorists should always:

• Pay close attention to your driving and others.

• Watch out for other drivers and pedestrians.

• Always look before proceeding through intersections regardless of the traffic light colour.

• Be prepared for the unexpected and share the road safely.

Motorists should not:

• Run red lights.

• Roll through a stop sign.

• Speed through intersections.

• Follow too closely.

• Make unsafe left-hand turns.

• Rely on having the right of way.

Pedestrians should always:

• Be alert at intersections and always look out for possible dangers when crossing the street.

• Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street.

“Each year, lives are needlessly lost or injured and property damage occurs as a result of intersection related collisions on our Alberta highways,” said John Zee of the Alberta Integrated Sheriffs.

“Virtually every collision can be attributed to driver error, be it inattention or disobedience of traffic laws. Our hopes are, we can gain full compliance of all traffic laws and prevent intersection related collisions from occurring.”

Did you know?

• In Alberta, in 2008, three of the most frequent improper driver actions were: making a left turn across the path of an oncoming vehicle (12.5 per cent), committing a stop sign violation (8.6 per cent), and disobeying a traffic signal (7.4 per cent).        

• Failure to stop at a stop sign results in a $287 fine and three demerits. At a stop sign, drivers are required to come to a complete stop, which means the wheels of the vehicle must not be moving, before proceeding safely through the intersection. This complete stop gives drivers the opportunity to look for oncoming traffic, pedestrians, or cyclists.

• The proper procedure for executing a turn is to signal in order to provide reasonable warning to other drivers of your intention to turn, check traffic and conditions on both left and right and left again before making the turn. Check for vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Maintain your lane through the turn.

• Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk carries a fine of $575 plus four demerit points.

• Pedestrians always have right of way at an unmarked intersection or stop sign unless otherwise indicated by signage.

• Pedestrians may indicate their intention to cross the road by holding their arm straight and pointing across the road in the direction they intend to cross.

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