Ottawa surprises top court judges by allowing assisted suicide to proceed in Quebec

Update: see source Feds are willing to allow it in Quebec which has “a comprehensive scheme” to address the issue, but the rest of the country needs more time to draft laws, a federal lawyer has told judges in the Supreme Court, which earlier struck down the criminal ban. OTTAWA—Ontario is scrambling to catch up […]

Supreme Court: Court to Rule on Legality of Doctor Assisted Death

Update: see source The nine justices of Canada’s highest court gather in Ottawa Wednesday to hear arguments into whether terminally ill Canadians should be granted the constitutional right to a doctor-assisted death. Twenty-one years after upholding the law that decrees assisted suicide murder, the Supreme Court of Canada will deliberate once again over whether the […]

Physician-Assisted Suicide Ban Struck Down by British Columbia Supreme Court Judge, Who Declares the Ban as Unconstitutional (Section 15) Because the Ban Discriminates Against the Physically Disabled

Update: see source British Columbia Supreme Court Madam Justice Lynn Smith, the judge presiding over the matter, has declared Canada’s laws against physician-assisted suicide unconstitutional because they discriminate against the physically disabled. In a 395-page ruling (see: Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) 2012 BCSC 886) released Friday, Justice Lynn Smith addressed the situation faced by […]