8,512 Tickets Issued by Toronto Police in “Step Up and Be Safe” Blitz


TTC Streetcar Decals: "Do Not Pass Open Doors"

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On Sunday, November 11, 2012, the Toronto Police Service concluded its week−long “Step Up and Be Safe” – Pedestrian Campaign. Pedestrian safety continues to be identified as a Toronto Police Service priority, with an increased focus on reducing injury and death to pedestrians through awareness, education and enforcement.

Of the 8,512 tickets issued:
• 138 tickets were issued for red/amber light  fail to stop
• 406 tickets were issued for Improper left/right turns
• 615 tickets were issued for disobeying stop signs
• 77 charges were laid for cyclist  ride in crosswalk/crossover
• 847 tickets were issued to pedestrians
• 57 charges were laid for disobeying School Bus signals
• 5,549 tickets were issued to motorists/cyclists for other hazardous offences that affected pedestrians
• An additional 1,116 parking offences were issued for interfering with the safe use of pedestrian crosswalks, crossovers and school zones.

This year there have been 38 traffic fatalities. Collision analysis shows that pedestrian fatalities represent approximately 50% of yearly traffic fatalities in Toronto. There have been 19 pedestrian fatalities this year.

Cyclist down, who subsequently received emergency medical attention

All motorists, transit−users, cyclists and pedestrians are reminded that road safety is everyone’s responsibility, obey all traffic laws and be diligent when using our streets.

To learn more about the Toronto Police,Traffic Services Safety Program, that aims to reduce
pedestrian injury and death through education and awareness.

Traffic Services is dedicated to ensuring the safe and orderly movement of traffic within the
City of Toronto.

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