7 Year Old Michigan Boy Takes Joy Ride


Police car surveillance shows an officer running next to the car as the 7 year old boy tries to stop.

Everyone wants to drive.  Driver’s are getting younger and younger, but in this instant case, this child couldn’t even see over the steering wheel.

When a determined 7 year old Michigan boy wanted to see his dad, he wanted to see his dad.

He left his home, unnoticed by his mother.

This young boy, in barefeet and pyjamas decided he couldn’t wait any longer and he left his home in the  Sheridan Township area entered his stepdad’s red Pontiac and began to drive towards his dad’s home in the Filion area.

When motorists travelling the same road noticed this novice driver, driving up to speeds of 50 mph, they phoned 911, reporting the location of the vehicle and young occupant operating it.

After receiving phone calls from concerned motorists, the Huron County Sheriff’s office decided to intervene, in an effort to stop the vehicle containing the small occupant.

They finally were able to pull the vehicle over, 20 miles from his home.  The little guy was distraught and was trying to drive to his dad’s place.  The boy was crying and just kept saying that he wanted to see his dad.

His mother was called and when she returned the phonecall, she explained that she didn’t know that he son was missing.  She said that she had worked the midnight shift and had left instructions with this young driver to wake her up at 10:00 a.m.

The young boy had been very upset and crying and frightened.  The event was brought to a happy conclusion when he was brought to his mother following the scare.

The boy wasn’t charged, nor was his mother.

It remains unclear as to why the young boy was so upset and why he needed to see his dad on this day.




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